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Online Cannabis Marketing Denver, CO – The More Creative Way

The typical marketing strategy to promote a business online includes paid advertising, more specifically, a pay-per-click campaign. But given the nature of the cannabis business, PPC advertising has remained a challenge up to these days. Companies such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads prohibit the use of their PPC ad platforms for cannabis products. This is why a digital marketing company working for online cannabis marketing, Denver, CO, needs to do the campaign more creatively.

So, how to market cannabis products more creatively online? Consider the following strategies:

Focus on creating awareness, not hard-selling. Aside from the fact that educational content is more engaging and has a higher rate of conversion (research suggests that customers are 131% more likely to buy immediately after reading an education content – Source: Conductor Spotlight), this type of content is less likely to be banned by social media when shared. Direct selling content shared on social media gets taken down/penalized more often.

Join online organizations, communities. Another creative strategy to do online cannabis marketing, Denver, CO, is to join online communities with the same interest. Or, you might want to create communities yourself to establish a name on social media, discussion forums. You can make the group you create exclusive or private to avoid penalty. With this strategy, you can establish a significant presence online and can spread the news about your cannabis products more easily.

Use affiliate marketing. This is another strategy that has been proven to be effective. Search for websites or online companies that allow cannabis ads. You can contact them and offer to post your cannabis promotional ads on their sites for a commission. Some sites you can try are directories that cater to the cannabis industry.

Work with influencers. These are people and organizations with huge followers on social media, some bloggers, and online sellers that cater to cannabis products.

The above-mentioned creative cannabis marketing strategies can be tedious. So, using a digital marketing agency can be a great option for you to consider. Let them handle the marketing side and just focus on the other important aspects of growing your business.

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