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September 27, 2022
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November 29, 2022

Four Cornerstones Of Effective Dispensary Marketing, El Cajon, CA

A dispensary business can be one of the most challenging to promote online for several reasons but mainly because this type of business is not for the general public consumption. For instance, online advertising giants like Google and Facebook prohibit their platforms from accommodating advertising campaigns they deem not for general audiences. However, this does not mean you cannot leverage online dispensary marketing in El Cajon, CA, for brand awareness, which helps boost your business’s ROI.

Here are four strategies you should include in your online marketing campaign to boost awareness and reach more customers for your dispensary business in El Cajon, CA:


Your website will be the point of conversion of your marketing campaign. Although you can have a page hosted on free publishing platforms, a website that you have total control of (front-end and back-end) allows you to integrate online payment options for your customers. And while establishing a website seems a bit technical, you can always seek the help of a digital marketing agency to do it for you.


As mentioned above, advertising giants prohibit the use of their platforms from those businesses running marketing campaigns not considered “appropriate for all audiences.” That is when search engine optimization comes into play. It includes doing some tweaks on your website content so that it becomes “search engine friendly,” use of targeted keywords for your content, and more. SEO gives your website’s online presence a boost. And boosting your website’s presence on search engine results (SERP) can drastically increase brand awareness for your dispensary business. Worry not about the technical aspects of SEO, as a digital marketing agency such as Cannabis420 Digital has a dedicated team to help you with your SEO campaign.

Targeted link building

Because using some popular advertising platforms is challenging for businesses in the dispensary industry, targeted link-building is the way to go. In other words, be selective about where to put your time and resources for your marketing campaign. Again, your digital marketing agency can help you with that. For instance, instead of trying your luck on Google and Facebook ads (where you have a higher rate of campaign disapproval), consider submitting your business profile to listings dedicated to dispensary businesses as an alternative.

Social media presence

While social media such as Facebook and Instagram prohibit their advertising platforms from dispensary businesses, you can still use these tools for organic campaigns — like engagement with followers, answering their questions, and sending them private messages about your products. Boosting your social media presence is an ongoing task, so you may consider assigning a dedicated person or team to handle it for you.

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