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February 28, 2022
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Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Orange County – Online Strategies That Are Non-Negotiable

If you are a cannabis dispensary business owner, you may find marketing more challenging than other types of business. That is because not all states have legalized the use of cannabis, resulting in some restrictions in product promotion. That is why you have to be strategic in your marketing approach. The goal should be to run a marketing campaign effectively despite some restrictions. That is when online cannabis dispensary marketing in Orange County comes into play.

Here are some cost-efficient strategies to follow as part of your online cannabis dispensary marketing in Orange County:

Establish a business website

Having a website for your cannabis business is one cost-efficient yet effective strategy to promote your brand. Buy a domain (as low as 10 USD) and find reliable hosting. After that, get the service of a web designer or developer to help you set up your website. Hiring a web design agency may also be advantageous since they offer packaged services – domain, hosting, and website set-up. Consider your options.

Employ local SEO

As a cannabis dispensary business, you are most likely offering products or services to customers in particular locations. To make the most out of your marketing budget, employ locally-tailored SEO. Digital Agencies – like Cannabis420 Digital – offer local SEO services designed for cannabis businesses. It is cost-effective, it is scalable.

Leverage social media

Although social media platforms prohibit content “not suitable” for everyone, you can still leverage them for your marketing. Remember, people do not call social media the new search engines for no reason. Potential customers use them to find products or services they need. You should be there when they need you. Just be creative in your approach to avoid your page from getting banned. Here are some practices to succeed in using social media platforms for your cannabis business

  • Create a page dedicated to your business;
  • Grow a community to build your reputation;
  • Increase engagement with followers that convert into paying customers in the future;
  • Share informative content to create value;
  • As much as possible, avoid direct selling (though you can do it via a private message).

Submit company profile to business listing sites

Business listing sites are the equivalent of yellow directories or telephone directories. Customers looking for products and services also go to these sites to find what they need. The good news is that there are plenty of business listing sites dedicated to cannabis businesses. That is the reason why you should submit your company profile and claim it on these directories. Doing this will increase your business presence online at a fraction of the cost. Just a reminder when submitting your business profile – fill in the crucial info, including company name, contact info, business address, business hours, among other pertinent information. The information should be consistent across different directories – so as not to confuse your prospects.

Here are some directories to try: Leafy, Weedmaps, Herb.co, The Cannabis Industry.

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