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Getting Ahead Of The Pack With Your Cannabis Business Digital Marketing Campaign

If you are running a cannabis business and want to make more profit, getting a website is a must-have item. However, it does not end there. You also need to ensure that your website is visible to more customers. That is when cannabis business digital marketing comes into play.

Cannabis business digital marketing increases the visibility of your website – and, therefore, the products or services you are offering – online.

Several strategies consist of digital marketing but, for this post, we focus on how you can improve website visibility on organic search – SEO. In simplest terms, you optimize your website so that when a user searches your cannabis products through search engines (like Google), it shows on the first page of the returned results. The goal is to put your website on the first page for your target keywords to increase your chances of converting more prospects into paying customers.

Now, the question: how do you increase your website’s search engine visibility? There are plenty of ways you can follow to realize the needed search engine visibility. The cannabis business digital marketing agency you hire for the job should deliver those strategies.

But, here are the basics:

On-page optimization – this can include: optimizing the metas and content, proper internal linking and ease of navigation, adding optimized images and alt tags, implementing best practices on permalinks, among other on-page strategies.

Off-page SEO – strategies can include: social media reach-out, citations, local business listing submissions, press releases, online community engagements, guest posting, among other things that can build links back to your website as well as brand awareness.

Technical SEO – this includes strategies where the assigned SEO does the job more in the back-end. The SEO plays with codes running in the background. Some areas to take care of as part of technical SEO are optimizing page load time, installing tracking codes for analytics such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, implementing redirects and canonical links, fixing hosting issues, among other tasks that require expertise in coding.

Lastly, cannabis isn’t legal in all states yet. Thus, it is wise to delegate the digital marketing task to an agency that specializes in cannabis. Cannabis Digital, for instance, implements strategies in such a way that does not violate search engines editorial guidelines, avoiding penalties.

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