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June 24, 2021
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August 25, 2021

Social Media Marketing for Cannabis Company

More and more companies are using social media platforms today. That is not surprising, considering the benefit they can get with building an online presence. Expanding business reach through social media is no longer an option; it’s a must.

If you are selling cannabis products, you can take advantage of using social media as well. However, compared to conventional businesses, social media marketing for a cannabis company presents a higher degree of challenges. That is because of some restrictions. While the former can use both organic marketing campaigns and paid advertising, leading social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter – do not allow promotional content they deemed “not suitable for the general audience.” That makes building an ad campaign for cannabis more challenging.

There are several ways to navigate the challenging landscape of social media platforms – and win it. Consider the following:

Instead of hard-selling, post engaging and educational content.

There are several compelling reasons to do this: (1) cannabis content that hard-sells usually gets removed; (2) posting educational content, creating awareness about cannabis helps build a reputation of authority. The strategy will build trust from your social media followers. They will visit your website to learn more, boosting the chances for them to convert into paying customers.

Build and grow your business page.

Building and growing your business page allows you to share your content to your target audience segment – the people who are, in fact, interested in your products. It also serves as a medium where you can easily engage with your prospective, current, and returning customers. In addition, content posted on a business page usually generates a higher number of shares because of the loyal followers willing to share the information.

Delegate an expert digital marketing team.

Of course, your focus is running a business, overseeing it in its entirety. So, instead of spending your time dealing with the small details of your cannabis digital campaign, it can be more advantageous to delegate the task to a social media marketing cannabis company. A reputable digital marketing team is knowledgeable about the editorial policies and terms and conditions of social media platforms, ensuring that any marketing campaign you have does not get penalized or be subject to removal.

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