Cannabis Business Digital Marketing
April 28, 2021
Tips To Improve Your Cannabis Business Digital Marketing Campaign
June 24, 2021

Online Marketing For The Cannabis Industry – Some Tips To Consider

Online marketing for the cannabis industry is different from marketing conventional businesses. Because this industry is “highly regulated,” a person running a cannabis business should step up the strategy, considering the challenges it is facing.

Here are some tips that you might find beneficial when doing online marketing for the cannabis business:

Do an audit of your current online presence.

The purpose of doing an audit of your current online presence is to create a benchmark that could serve as a basis for your online marketing campaign. Evaluate your website, do some search engine check for your brand, find out how popular your business in social media is. Doing these allows you to align your marketing strategy to your business goal.

Write optimized content for search engines and readers.

After doing a comprehensive evaluation regarding your cannabis online presence, develop your content strategy. Do not forget to optimize your content for search engines, which means you have to implement some technical SEO – making your content get easily crawled and index-able by search engine spiders. At the same time, equally important, if not more important, is to optimize your content for readers. For instance, you have to publish content on a website with a user-friendly interface.

Map your content – from the first visit down to the sales funnel.

When developing content, you have to make sure that your content will convert visitors into paying customers. How can you do that? You should write your content in a way that compels visitors to do something that benefits your business. In other words, you guide your readers down to the conversion funnel. For instance, you make them sign up for a newsletter, purchase cannabis items through your online selling platform.

Amplify your message using social media.

You can further amplify your search engine presence when you take advantage of the power of social media in getting the message across. Got a page on Facebook for your business? If you do not have one yet, build your social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – as they are your place for content syndication.

Measure your online marketing campaign.

You need to measure your online marketing campaign to know where your campaign is heading -whether it is leaning towards success or failure. Check your analytics performance ( Google Analytics, Google Search Console) for campaign evaluation. Recalibrate accordingly based on your assessment.

Keep your strategy updated.

From time to time, there are new trends in online marketing. Search engines upgrade their algorithms; social media update their terms and conditions; new online marketing tools become available. Make sure you keep an eye on the changes in the digital marketing landscape and adopt them accordingly for your cannabis business.

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