How to Leverage the Internet for Effective Marijuana Dispensary Marketing
March 30, 2021
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May 27, 2021

Cannabis Business Digital Marketing

Making Use Of Online Tools To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put businesses from different industries in a challenging position more than a year after the first breakouts and imposed lockdowns. Lots of stores are either closed indefinitely or are operating in a limited capacity.

As with any other businesses, the pandemic has affected the cannabis industry. But all is not lost. With the right strategy, marijuana companies can still survive and thrive amid these challenging times.

As part of an effective cannabis business digital marketing strategy, marijuana store owners should use online tools that enhance business processes.

Here are some tools that cannabis businesses should consider using as part of business operation:

Video communication tools. Aren’t you wondering why more and more businesses are using the live selling feature on Facebook? Because it works! And it’s free. But there are more video communication tools a company can use as part of their cannabis business digital marketing strategy. Zoom, Skype video features allow you to communicate to clients who are visuals, which means they only build trust with those they talk and see – even through a video chat.

Business process tools. There are plenty of business apps that every cannabis company can take advantage of using. Instead of doing it the manual way, one can make use of product inventory apps, accounting apps, attendance apps, online calendars, e-commerce platforms that allow online purchases, among others, to make the process more efficient.

Cloud storage and services. Cannabis businesses should also use cloud storage and related services to enhance the process. Google Drive and Dropbox, for instance, allow you to save business documents easily and access them anytime, anywhere, on the go.

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