Cannabis Business Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategies That Work
December 16, 2020
Three Ways A Dispensary Marketing Company Can Boost Your Business
February 25, 2021

One of the biggest hurdles that cannabis businesses are facing is federal regulations. Despite the progress made in this sector in the past recent years, the industry is still under the government’s scrutiny on how to market cannabis products. The good news is, though the future of cannabis is still being influenced on a national level, more and more vendors are realizing that there are marketing strategies that can be immediately employed to improve the bottom line – like digital marketing for cannabis dispensaries.

Here’s how you can leverage digital marketing for cannabis business:

The use of quality and useful content

Content is king, and that is true in marketing a cannabis business. Whether your digital marketing team is writing for your official website or syndication, you must be publishing content of top-notch quality, useful to your audience, and informative. This strategy will not only attract readers but help rank your website in organic search results, building your reputation as an excellent source of cannabis information. It can potentially convert readers into paying cannabis dispensary customers.

Leveraging PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is another great tool for digital marketing for cannabis dispensaries. It is scalable, the budget (ad spend) is easy to define, and it targets your desired audiences. Indeed, it is easy to implement at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media. And, it is worth emphasizing that, while PPC giants such as Google AdWords and Facebook advertising prohibit cannabis businesses from using their platforms, you can still find a lot of PPC platforms that accept cannabis businesses into their advertising programs.

Leveraging social media for organic growth

If you dedicate some time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, you know there is not enough marijuana inspired content that users can get information on (again, part of the reason are restrictions). So, your digital marketing team should be creative in their social media approach. Your social media strategy should include sharing useful and informative content by:

  • Responding to private messages
  • Establishing and organizing groups
  • Engaging with potential customers in the comment section
  • Publishing creative information, useful infographics

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