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November 26, 2020
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January 19, 2021

Cannabis Business Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Given the legal limitations, many find cannabis business marketing as a challenging task. You have federal and state laws to deal with, both of which have implications on how digital platforms define their rules of engagement. For instance, several online business directories prohibit users from posting cannabis information on their platforms. Did you know that Google and Facebook deem cannabis ‘inappropriate’ for general audiences, hence their prohibition?

There are several cannabis digital marketing strategies that you can implement to succeed in this business. You will realize that using them offers windows of opportunities to use digital marketing platforms effectively despite some restrictions.

Consider the following:

Instead of hard-selling, educate prospective customers.

For example, rather than create hard-selling ads and run them through advertising platforms such as a PPC system, publish an informative post regarding cannabis instead. This way, when you use the information on websites that implement restrictions, the chances that your content gets flagged as “inappropriate” is low. That is because you aim to educate your audience, which is helpful, while the intent to sell is still there.

Harness the power of social media, but make sure to use them the smart way.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been proven effective in marketing a product or service. You should include them in your cannabis business marketing plan. However, like the PPC platforms, social media tend to impose some restrictions on cannabis products. So you (or your digital marketing team) should use these tools intelligently. That means indirect selling still plays a crucial role. You have to be mindful of the way you post your content. Of course, you have to work based on the terms and conditions in building your social media presence. Be a source of valuable content, be responsive to cannabis inquiries.

Consider using a digital marketing agency.

There are digital marketing agencies that dedicate their service to cannabis businesses. Why should you take advantage of their service? Because they design their services tailored to the marijuana business. That means they implement strategies that deliver results despite restrictions.

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