Intensifying Cannabis Business Marketing San Diego In The Era Of COVID-19 Pandemic
May 14, 2020
The 4 Steps To Getting The Most Out Of Your Cannabis Business Digital Marketing
July 27, 2020

One notable observation that has emerged from the COVID pandemic is that the number of people who now use the internet to find the products and services they need is surging. That is true even in the marijuana dispensary industry.

If you are running a marijuana dispensary, you have to realize that it isn’t only the marijuana customers that are growing online but the number of merchants as well. That means the competition is getting tougher and tougher over time. You have to have a solid marijuana dispensary digital marketing plan to have an edge in a highly competitive market.

Here’s a 3-step marijuana dispensary digital marketing plan that is worth-considering:

1. Improve brand identity

Ask yourself these questions: Do I have a standout logo? Is my business profile consistent across online platforms? Do I carry consistent branding across social media channels?

Your logo is a key component of your brand identity. That is why you have to have one that is highly recognizable and effective when it comes to name-recall. It does not have to be that fancy, but it should leave a mark.

When doing an online marketing campaign – whether it is through organic or paid campaigns – you must have the same business profile across the marketing platforms. That means the same logo, contact information, list of products, etc. In that way, you are not confusing your prospects as to which is which.

The same is true when doing a social media campaign. You should do your messaging in a consistent manner to effectively establish the brand carry.

2. Choose your online marketing channels

Your marijuana dispensary digital marketing plan does not have to include all the available online platforms – all at the same time. Just pick some that you think the best ones for your campaign. For instance, you might want to consider search engine optimization and social media for now. Once you have established your search engine and social media presence, you may add PPC on top of that. These marketing campaigns need periodic evaluations for fine-tuning.

3. Nurture your audience

When your digital marketing campaign generates leads, the next thing you need to do is to nurture them. One effective way of doing that is to interact with them on a personal level. Giving them updates through your social media account by private messaging, replying to their comments and inquiries promptly, contacting them via email or phone – these are among the strategies you can implement to engage with your prospects and customers to nurture them.

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