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September 27, 2019
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November 25, 2019

Cannabis Digital Marketing Agency: Expanding Customer Reach More Effectively


If you consider the internet to market your cannabis products, then you should know by now how challenging it is to use paid advertising for such items. That is because several online ad platforms consider cannabis as “inappropriate” for general audiences. The good news is, you can use other methods to promote your product online as an alternative to PPC. However, if you do digital marketing alone, it would take up a huge amount of your time, compromising your core business functions. Here’s why a cannabis digital marketing agency comes into play.

A cannabis digital marketing agency can help you succeed in this business. They can design a marketing plan for your specific business needs. Then, they execute this plan with a strategy that is affordable and scalable. As a result, you have the opportunity to reach more prospective customers without having to push aside your core business functions.

Here are some online marketing strategies that a digital agency can help you with:

Working on organic reach – Google AdWords and Facebook ads platforms prohibit items like cannabis. But digital agencies are creative in finding alternatives. One strategy is to use an organic marketing campaign. This can involve tasks like search engine optimization, listing your business to online directories including the Cannabis Business Directories; and, reaching out to online communities established for cannabis. These tasks help boost your business presence in organic searches.

Organic reach on social media – While the Facebook paid ad program does not allow cannabis ads, a digital marketing agency can still be creative to reach prospects in the social sphere. For instance, they can create an exclusive group dedicated to cannabis, which allows interested individuals to participate. Your digital marketing agency can also set-up online support using Facebook bots. This allows you to provide prompt, if not real-time, responses to the inquiries sent by people who might be interested in your product.

PR and media relations – Reaching out for PR and media relations is another important strategy that a digital marketing agency can do to create awareness among prospects about your products. This can include working with cannabis-related brands facilitating online forums, roundtable discussions, podcasts, among others.

Indeed, there are challenges involved in the cannabis digital marketing campaign. But there are also lots of opportunities to grow your business. Creativity is key and a digital marketing agency can help you with that.

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