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January 16, 2019
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Cannabis Marketing Los Angeles


Marketing your cannabis business online is more challenging than any other typical business you find around. Here’s the reason why: not all big online marketing platforms allow the promotion of this product, mainly because not all states have legalized it. If you notice, for instance, advertising giants such as AdWords by Google and Facebook prohibit the use of their platforms for cannabis promotion.

Despite the limitations that cannabis marketing Los Angeles is facing when it comes to online promotion, this does not mean that you will not succeed in using online channels for your cannabis business.

Here are some strategies you can implement to succeed in your cannabis venture:

Establish a website. No matter where on the internet you find your prospective buyers, the point of conversion is necessary to facilitate ROI – your website. It is the only platform online that you have full control. In other words, you have access even in the back end. You can integrate payment processing and/or inventory, which you cannot do when you just have a page on social media.

Submit your business profiles to cannabis-friendly directories. This is also called weed directories catering to businesses like your cannabis venture. One important thing to note when you submit to these directories is to have your business profile as comprehensive as possible. This is not just to increase your business visibility but to ensure that the information you put in there point back to your business website (make sure your address and contact information is correct).

Build social connections. Just like in any other social circles, the social community of the cannabis industry is wide and growing. It makes sense to get involved in these communities to be known; to create a good reputation. One effective way to start doing that is to build followers and to engage with them.

Place ads on partners’ sites. This is another good option to take to establish more presence online. Try to search for businesses in the same or related industry and contact them and ask about whether or not they are willing to become partners. The business relationship could start by placing your ad/business info on their website as a form of affiliate program.

Make sure the digital agency you hire for cannabis marketing Los Angeles is knowledgeable enough to perform online strategies despite some marketing challenges.

You can rely on Cannabis420 Digital for your online marketing undertaking.

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