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December 28, 2018
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Some Important Elements to Consider for Cannabis Dispensary Website Design


Website designs are a huge factor for business performance. What your customers see on your website can either make or break a deal. In other words, when it comes to cannabis dispensary website design, some important elements should be carefully considered most especially that you are targeting a particular group of customers for your business.

As a digital marketing agency that has been focusing on the cannabis industry, our team has proven that the following elements are so important and should therefore be considered for business website designs – for better performance.

Website security – One that is causing headache to many businesses online is when their website is compromised. When a site is hacked, it could ruin the very foundation of what you have built online. And it could take a lot of energy, financial capital to start building your business website again. One simple thing to do to boost the level of protection for your website is to make it more secure – e.g. get https// instead of http. Of course, there are other security measures you can implement, but you can start with that.

Access restrictions – Accountability is very important in every business and that includes the cannabis dispensary. Remember that you are selling to specific market. It does not make sense that you make your website accessible to children or minors or even to people in states where cannabis is prohibited. To provide some level of restriction, you can, for example, require users to provide proof for age validation or you might also require users to provide proof of the state of their residence (before they can make online transactions). All these elements should be considered by your website developer/designer.

Your target demographics – User-friendliness is another important factor for website performance and it varies across different demographics. In other words, one design might be appealing/friendly to users in their 30’s but not with the users who are in their 50’s. One classic example is the use of font. Users in their 50’s tend to like bigger fonts compared to younger adults. So, you have to be specific with your target demographics (e.g. age, gender) so your web designer can make a design accordingly.

User intent – When working on a cannabis dispensary website design, it is important that you also consider the user intent. In other words, understanding what your target audience intend to do upon landing on your website. If the user intent is to make an online purchase/transaction, then you definitely have to integrate an inventory system and payment system.

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