Digital Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries
October 29, 2018
Cannabis Internet Marketing Denver (Why it needs specialized skills)
December 28, 2018

Let’s admit it, not all states in the US have legalized the use of marijuana. Some allow it only for medical purposes, while others for recreational use. For this reason, the conventional marketing of cannabis has remained a challenge for the industry across different areas, including San Diego.

But here’s the good news: Digital marketing offers a promising opportunity for cannabis dispensary marketing, San Diego, to grow despite some restrictions. It compensates the drawback of conventional marketing and thus can help your business to continue to thrive.

Now here’s the thing, even if the digital platform has provided a new channel to reach prospects, still, this marketing landscape does not exist without a challenge. For instance, many PPC advertising companies (e.g. Google with its AdWords) prohibit (or at least discourage) the use of their platform for this type of business. Social media platforms have the same advertising rules; they even take down posts about recreational marijuana in the organic news feeds.

Therefore, the digital marketing agency you assigned for cannabis dispensary marketing, San Diego, should be creative enough so that their approach finds the balance between aggressive marketing and restrictions awareness so that the result is a more effective strategy of growing your business.

As part of effective digital marketing strategy, your agency should consider the following:

Establishing a business website. Even with all of the terrific advertising campaigns you might have, valuable conversions happen on a business website, so make sure your business is ready to cater to customers by providing them a channel that allows the processing of their transactions and that is your website where you have full control.

Search engine optimization. Search engine signals suggest that content that is related to (or promote) the sell of marijuana tend to rank at the bottom of search engine result pages. In other words, if your page is buried in the 5th…10th…pages or even lower, you lose the opportunity of acquiring more customers. That is why you have to hire a digital marketing agency that has a dedicated team for the cannabis marketing – they are more creative in their approach and tailored to the nature of your business.

Local business listing and citations. Again, not all local business directories accept cannabis business to their listings. It needs the creative mind of an experienced digital marketing team to be able to find citation and local business listing sites that accommodate your cannabis listing.

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