Internet Marketing for Mobile Dispensaries – Making It More Effective
August 31, 2018
Digital Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries
October 29, 2018

Internet Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

There were more than four billion people who accessed the internet in 2017 – that’s according to the data provided by Internet World Stats. This spike in number is expected to to continue in the near future.

Now, what does this number tell you? This implies that market is rapidly changing its landscape – into an internet-based market. This also means that a lot of your prospects from your target cannabis market are accessing the internet to your products and/or services. Therefore, it is extremely important that you build your online presence for your business and establishing your own website is key in reaching potential buyers.

But here’s the truth about building a website: until you implement an effective strategy for internet marketing for the cannabis industry, your website will remain a ‘sleeping entity’ that is invisible in the eye of prospective customers. Indeed, internet marketing is needed to help your business create an online presence and thrive in a very competitive platform.

Here are some strategies that can be implemented as part of your internet marketing for the cannabis industry.

SEO – Considered to one of the most cost-efficient way of marketing a business online. However, a cannabis business presents a challenging job considering that search engines tend to give less importance for products and services that are not generally accepted in the market (not all states support this type of products). But with the help of a digital marketing company that is an expert in SEO, you can rest assured that you can have an internet marketing campaign tailored to your specific business.

Citations – This is important for businesses targeting specific geo-locations. A number of citations allow the submission of businesses that are widely considered as high-risk. It is important to note that, whether you ask help from a digital marketing agency or do the submission all by yourself, your business information should be submitted with complete details, In doing so, you are making your business website more optimized, reaching more prospective customers.

Social media reach out – Whether you are using social media platforms organically or you consider buying for a sponsored content, it is important that your business information is complete (like in citations) and you should have consistent business information across all social media channel, including the NAP and the banner. This is key to branding; it is effective in name recall; plus, you are not confusing your prospects.

PPC – Lastly, you might also want to consider using PPC campaign as part of your internet marketing strategy. PPC stands for Pay-per-click advertising wherein you are going to advertise on search and pages by placing your ads in their platforms and pay them every time somebody clicks on your ads.

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