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July 30, 2018
Internet Marketing for the Cannabis Industry
September 28, 2018

Internet Marketing for Mobile Dispensaries – Making It More Effective

With lots of resources that can be found online, doing an internet marketing for a local business should come a lot easier than it had been before. While this is true for most types of local businesses, it becomes more challenging when a particular business is serving different market at a time (i.e. those local businesses that move from one place to another) such as a mobile dispensary. Indeed, it takes the hands of a proven expert in internet marketing for mobile dispensaries to realize a company’s full business potential.

In this post, we are going to talk about how to market your mobile dispensary products so that you can realize your business full potential for profit. Here are some items you should consider:

When doing on-page SEO

Tailor your website content in such a way that targets the locations covered by your mobile dispensary business. For instance, you need to optimize your pages’ title tags by incorporating the target locations (places you serve). Your meta descriptions should be tailored to your target locations as well. Also, it is recommended that you publish pages/content that are tailored for each of your locations.

When doing a citation/local listing submissions

Citation website/local listing submission should be part of your strategy for internet marketing for mobile dispensaries. For one, customers are using local listings/directories and/or citation websites to find products or services. Remember, the prevailing customer buying attitude suggests that they contact a business they found it online before making a purchase. So, make sure you are visible when they search your business online.

The beauty of local listing websites today is that many of them allow single submission of a business profile and you just to specify specific locations to target. That means, you are going to save a significant amount of time as you do not need to submit a business profile in each and every target location.

When creating a business presence on social media

Having a business presence on social media platforms is very important as it has been proven in the past recent years that prospects are there waiting to convert into paying customers. As part of your internet marketing for mobile dispensaries, make sure you establish a business page in each of the leading social media platforms. Make your business searchable, engage-able in social media as this is effective in pushing prospects down to the sales funnel.

Another benefit of social media presence is that you are able to engage with your customers in almost real-time, and that is by responding to their queries through private messages and through the comment section promptly. With that, you enhance the level of your reputation as a legit provider of the product.

Please note, however, that some social media platforms may not approve your page (or they take it down) once they know that the nature of your business violates their terms and conditions and/or guidelines. This is particularly true for businesses like those that belong in the “high-risk” industry such as the adult markets or those that are prohibited by the state or federal laws. In this case, you have two courses of action: (1) make your business page delivers a message in a more subtle way or (2) accept their judgement and just focus your energy in creating business presence on alternative social media that allows the nature of your business in their platforms.

Internet marketing for mobile dispensaries can be a so-complex process and thus, letting a professional do the tedious tasks for you can actually work on your business advantage. Our company can help.

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