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April 18, 2018
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July 30, 2018

SEO for Cannabis Dispensaries

SEO for cannabis dispensaries presents some unique challenges. While it is not explicitly expressed by search engines such as Google that they tend to penalize this type of content, the way their people answer questions about penalty suggests that cannabis content gets unfavorable spot in ranking results most especially if you do not have enough knowledge on SEO or worse, violates their content quality guidelines.

It is of great importance that you hire a proven SEO expert if you want to optimize your cannabis website for search engines. More than anyone, the person who knows about SEO for cannabis dispensaries are those with in-depth knowledge in both technical and conceptual aspects of search engine optimization.

Here are some areas of SEO that your digital marketing team should work on.

Technical SEO. Technical SEO pertains to a set of SEO strategies that is focused about the crawling and indexing of page content. In simplest terms, it involves works such as optimizing the tile tags and other meta information, page load and pagespeed, coding for content structure, optimizing bandwidth, among others. Technical SEO usually includes on-page optimization, particularly involving website backend works.

Analytical SEO. This covers more of the artistic side of SEO, which include strategies like playing with the keywords and content so that they become more appealing to both search engines and readers while giving primacy to content quality guidelines. In addition, an SEO for cannabis dispensaries should also be knowledgeable on interpreting analytics data, which is very important for SEO strategy improvement – an ongoing process that should be well taken care of.

Engagement through content development. This is more focused on making website content more appealing to readers, including the use of effective call-to-action, persuasive on-page and off-page content, as well as content syndicated across different social media platforms.

Again, optimizing a website such as cannabis dispensary websites are more challenging because there are still many online platforms, including, social media, that are not supportive yet in this type of content. In fact, Facebook takes this type of content down. Thus, an SEO who is an expert in this three areas of SEO can be a big help.

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