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Graphic and Branding design, Web Design 3.0 Development, SEO & SEM Strategies, Social Media, Reputation Management, Content Writing | Press Releases, Social Video Marketing … The Cannabis420 Digital does it all.

Graphic | Branding Design

With a team of highly-motivated, experienced graphic designers, Cannabis420 Digital helps businesses of different sizes and industries develop a brand that leaves a mark to customers. We design all what you need to create a catchy, easy-to-recall, effective graphic and branding theme - from product packaging to promotional images, banners, and much more - that can help attract more customers.

Tell us your concept and let Cannabis420 Digital help you transform that to a branding design that lasts.


Web Design

If a business website were a hotel, its design would be the lobby - the frontliner. In other words, it's what website visitors notice immediately when they browse your website. Thus, it is imperative that is aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. A web designer who is proven an expert in this field can help your business to have both a beautiful and functional website.

At Cannabis420 Digital, we help develop a professional web design that attracts more visitors, make it user-friendly that helps visitors stay, and highly-interactive needed to convert visitors into paying customers.

We ensure that your web design showcases all the necessary elements - be it the products you sell or the service you offer, videos to showcase your business, social media integration for easy sharing, or blogs - to effectively deliver the right information that your target customers need.


SEO | SEM Strategies

With thousands of website pages added to the internet in a single day, chances are, your business will be competing tough with other business websites in your chosen industry (you can gauge the level of competition by doing a search of your product or service on Google and check how many pages are returned - that's your competitor). The good news is, there are a number of strategies (and we mean ethical strategies) to increase your website presence online and Cannabis420 can help you with that.

With our proven effective SEO and SEM service, your business can become more visible in the eyes of search engines (e.g. Google, Bing), which plays an important role in attracting more prospects to your website. We can help bring your website pages to the first page of search engine results for your target keywords (i.e. for the terms you would like your website to rank for).


Social Media

They say social media is the new search engine - that's true for a number of reasons. As we know, the number of social media users has reached billions (Facebook alone has more than one billion users) and this means a huge chunk of business prospects can be found there, probably searching for the product or service that your business is offering. Meaning to say, social media integration is crucial for your business success; it should be part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Our team here at Cannabis420 can help you with effective social media campaign. We have a team of full-time social media managers that can help you in accommodating customers coming from social media platform. They work with our writers who manage content creation and curation and have your business information posted on social media channel. Furthermore, they also keep track of your website performance on social media and provide you valuable performance information through monthly analytics reports.


Reputation Management

Reputation management - be it online or offline - is vital to every business. It is the integrity of your business is at stake and thus, it is imperative that whatever information your company sends out to the public should go through a process of verification (i.e. quality control).

Cannabis420 Digital has a dedicated team that can help your company in online reputation management; we see to it that specific information are sent out only to their respective audiences, which is important most especially if your business serves different customer segments.

Call today and let's discuss and build a reputation management strategy specifically designed for the type of business you have.


Content Writing | Press Releases

Online marketers know that content is king, but they should also know that if it is a mediocre content, it is nothing but a king without throne. Meaning to say, it is not enough to just write a content for your business website, but to write one that is credible and valuable to your customers and prospects; it is not just original content, but one that is what your target audience is looking for.

Our content and press release writers help your business by writing valuable business information - be it a blog article, product or service description, or a press release - that draws customers in and keeps them coming back. We make content interesting and entertaining and yet substantial that it can address your audience need.


Social Video Marketing

It's undeniable that visual elements play an important role in digital marketing campaign, and so we made sure that we have our video development service to complement other digital marketing services we have in this wide spectrum of digital marketing landscape. This is why, in addition to our photography and graphics services, we also have a team dedicated to recording and collecting video footage of your products, services, branding, and company profiles. Our video producer takes all of this footage and create videos to get the attention of your prospective customers and remind your repeat customers of why they chose you in the first place.